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We are excited to announce that we are back to our normal operating hours! Coronado Taste of Oils is following CDC guidelines to make sure your shopping experience is amazing. Thank you for your support!

Fresh Flavor

We provide our customers with the Freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the United States.

The Best Choices

We choose olive oil producers who have dedication and innovation behind their products.

Health Benefits

There are unrivaled studies that reveal the positive impact of olive oil on the body.

Palette Perfection

Turn ordinary into extraordinary with a few teaspoons of flavored olive oil or vinegar. Wow.

Our Story

The Beginning
Grand Opening
Cookbooks Galore
Crown City Affogato
New Ownership
Previous store owner, Roberta Schwartz, was visiting her daughter in Bethlehem, PA and was inspired by a specialty store called Seasons Olive Oil & Vinegar Tap Room on Bethlehem's quaint Main Street. As an artist, she was displaying at an event called Art Walk, and was fortunate enough to meet the "Seasons" owners, and was completely smitten with the store, and the concept.
T"I love to cook," Roberta says. "And I knew the store, that featured fabulous olive oils and vinegars, would be perfect for Coronado and give me just the creative outlet that I so wanted." Roberta opened "Coronado Taste of Oils" which sells oils, vinegars, pastas, sauces, spices and accessories. "Visitors love the product as a souvenir of their time here."
Coronado Taste of Oils became a dedicated member of the Chamber of Commerce, and began to get heavily involved in local events and fundraising efforts. Roberta soon became a member of the Board of Directors, and the specialty foods store proudly showcased all that Coronado has to offer to all patrons that visited the store!
Now open for six years, the business flourished. The staff had written six cookbooks, and had been doing cooking classes for four years – taking people beyond the salad dressing - The cookbooks have recipes that range from cocktails to entrees and desserts using oils and vinegar. Online sales of the cookbooks began to soar, and they are now a store classic.
Neapolitan ice cream with balsamic vinegar and amaretto at our store became famous on the Coronado Food Tour. This amazing dessert, created by the staff, is called Crown City Affogato Float, and is a "must-try" if you are a Coronado first-timer. Staff makes the affogato (which means drowned in Italian) with vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate balsamic (yes, there is such a thing!) and Frangelico liqueur.
New owners, Mike and Ruth Ann Fisher proudly take over ownership of the store, and are excited for the next Chapter of Coronado Taste of Oils. Learn More.
July 2010
Dec 2010

Why We Do What We Do

Healthy Dietary Choices

There are extraordinary health benefits with consuming EVOOs and balsamic vinegars. The Mediterranean diet has been deemed as one of the healthiest diets in the world and both olive oil and balsamic vinegars are at the core of this diet.

Olive Oil Keeps the Heart Young

A diet rich in olive oil may actually be able to slow down the aging of the heart. Arteries have a number of problems as the heart ages, but in a recent study, researchers discovered that a diet rich in olive oil can improve arterial function in the elderly.

Keeping Customers Happy

With every new patron that visits us online, or walks through our doors gives us a chance to educate about the health benefits of fresh olive oil. Every flavor profile excites the palette, and enhances every dish your kitchen has the pleasure to cook.

If cuisine were to be defined by just one taste, it would be that of subtle, flavored and aromatic, extra-virgin olive oil.

Our Collections

Our Collections

Extra Virgin

Olive oil comes from unadulterated oil production only, and is of higher quality.

A Delicate Blend

A delicate blending operation is required to ensure our olive oil has
a perfect balance.

New Harvest

Harvest oil is dedicated to providing you high quality ultra premium olive oils and vinegar.

High Quality

A high quality extra virgin olive oil is perfect as a condiment for fish,
meat and vegetables.

Original Taste

The taste, the aroma and the natural ingredients of olive oils are kept unaltered.

Organic Only

We produce high quality organic olive oil because we use only eco-friendly products.

Health Benefits

The cardiovascular system.

Olive oil is the main source of dietary fat in the Mediterranean diet, which is associated with a low death rate from cardiovascular diseases compared to other parts of the world.

Reduce Breast Cancer Risk.

Olive oil reduces the activity of p21Ras, an oncogene, prevents DNA damage, encouragestumor cell death, and triggers changes in protein signaling pathways to protect the body.

Protects against alzhemier’s disease.

Oleocanthal is a type of natural phenolic compound found in extra-virgin olive oil, and it has been proven that Alzheimer’s disease rates are lower in Mediterranean countries, where consumption of olive oil is higher than anywhere else in the world.

Helps prevent acute pancreatitis.

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol, which affect the development of acute pancreatitis(sudden inflammation of the pancreas).

Helps prevent acute pancreatitis.

Extra virgin olive oil is rich in oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol, which affect the development of acute pancreatitis(sudden inflammation of the pancreas).

Helps prevent stroke.

Older people who regularly used olive oil for cooking and salad dressing or with bread had a 41% lower risk of stroke, compared with their counterparts who never consumed it.*

*Dr. Cécilia Samieri, Journal of Neurology

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Studies show the LDL (low density lipoprotein), often referred to as “bad cholesterol” is lowered by consuming olive oil at least once a day.

Protects the liver.

Extra virgin olive oil and its extracts protect against oxidative damage of hepatic tissue, which resides in the liver.

Tasting Experience

Passion For Quality

We proudly carry ultra premium rating for every olive oil, and they are tested by UC Davis and all the chemistry is posted. We have a tasting room of many different organic olive oils, and 20 different organic balsamic vinegars, new product lines coming in monthly, a wonderful staff, six cookbooks, and amazing customers. We feel so lucky to be apart of Coronado’s small business community. Thank you to everyone who supports our dream.

We follow the olive crush in the northern and southern hemispheres to provide you with the most recently produced, and healthiest oils found anywhere in the world

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Honey Ginger Balsamic and Olive Oil Chicken Salad

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Strawberry Balsamic Spectacular Citrus Salad

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Rosemary Olive Oil flatbread pizzas!

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Basil Olive Oil & Peach Balsamic Roasted Shrimp Burritos

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Smoked Artichoke Roasted Garlic Olive Oil Bread

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