Monthly Archives - July 2015

The Sparkling Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic Shrub

Summertime drinks are the best! Behold your new favorite! Ingredients for your “Sparkling Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic Shrub”: 2 ounces vodka (chilled) 1/2 ounce Gravnestein Apple White Balsamic (chilled) 3 ounces club soda or seltzer (chilled) Step 1: Fill a tall glass with ice. Step 2: Add Vodka of choice. Step 3: Add Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic. Step 4: Stir gently to mix. Step 5: Serve immediately. Enjoy friends & Happy (Drinking)! Don’t forget to put your Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic into your shopping cart before you go!


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