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Holiday Cranberry Pear White Balsamic Cocktail

So many requests for a simple holiday cocktail…here it is! Ingredients for your “:Holiday Cranberry Pear White Balsamic Cocktail”: 1 can club soda 1/4 cup cranberry juice 1/8 cup Cranberry Pear White Balsamic Add ice to your favorite holiday glass Mix ingredients into glass Drink and Enjoy! Enjoy friends & Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to put your Cranberry Pear White Balsamic into your shopping cart before you go!


Holiday Blood Orange Loaf Cake

Who doesn’t love a good cake? And what a surprise it will be when you and your loved ones take a bite of this one! MMM… Ingredients for your “Holiday Blood Orange Olive Oil Loaf Cake”: 3 blood oranges 200g of sugar ½ cup of yogurt 3 eggs 160ml of Blood Orange Olive Oil 200g of sifted flour 1½ teaspoons of baking powder ½ teaspoon of bicarb soda ¼ teaspoon of salt Honey-blood orange compote, for serving 3 oranges (supremed) 1 tbsp of honey Preheat your oven to 160 degrees (fan forced). Grate the [...]

Coronado Taste of Oils