Cooking Demonstrations

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Eating and living healthy always ranks at the top of a life well lived.

You can keep your commitments while preserving flavor and supporting your healthy eating goals. Coming back in 2019, join us for monthly cooking demonstrations with local cooking enthusiasts, and chefs. This will showcase how to use our fresh extra-virgin olive oils and authentic barrel aged Italian balsamic into uncomplicated yet sophisticated, low fat, low carb, low calorie dishes. Samples of the demos will be served throughout the event, and will also include samples of infused cocktails! Spots fill quickly, so make sure to RSVP.

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Healthy Simple Cooking Demos

Event Cost : $25/registrant

Event Location : Coronado Taste of Oils

Event Date : Sign Up to be Notified

Parking : Meter Street Parking (Free on Sunday)

Special Note : Our cooking demos are an interactive environment. Chairs and tables will be provided. If you have a special requirement please contact us ahead of time so we can try to accommodate. We look forward to you attending this special event!

Event Discount


Guests will receive 10%
off all purchases that day in
addition to copies of the
event's recipes.

Cooking Demo Review

“And then, because I was so excited in visiting with my friends and being SO completely into my food that I completely forgot to take pictures of the remaining courses!” – Karen* *Check out the rest of Karen’s blog post about her Cooking Demo experience – click here