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  • Arbequina mild-medium intensity (Peru) May 2021 Harvest

    Arbequina Mild-Medium Intensity

    A delicate blend of savory herbaceous greens with notes of green apple. Beautifully balanced oil, no lingering bitterness. Sweet and fruity with a pepper finish.

  • Koronekei Robust Intensity (Chile) June 2021 Harvest

    Koronekei Robust Intensity

    Prominent green banana flavors and bitter dandelion greens. Creamy and pungent. A both fruity and complex EVOO (very difficult to achieve).

  • Picual Medium Intensity (Chile) May 2021 Harvest

    Picual Medium Intensity

    Grassy, sweet fruity nose with notes of savory herb and tomato leaf, slightly floral. This oil is well balanced with an herby center and lingering pepper finish on the back of the throat. Super high Oleic!

  • Picual Mild Intensity

    Picual Mild Intensity

    This aromatic example of Picual displays flavors of fruity, red tomato and stone fruit. Very high in Monounsaturated Fat (Oleic). Excellent overall chemical composition which translates into shelf life, durability, and health benefits.