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  • Donne Del Grano MonnezzagliaDonne Del Grano Monnezzaglia

    Donne Del Grano Monnezzaglia

    Donne Del Grano Monnezzagliaare hand made natural colored Italian Pasta from Marella. A beautifully interesting mix!


    Marovato Risotto “Ravello” With Lemon Zest

    The richness and fragrance of lemon oils please our senses in this delicious risotto that will remind you of Ravello city. This amazing Italian “one pot” pasta dish can be easily cooked in minutes, and do not require any additional ingredients. All ingredients used are 100% natural!

  • Risotto “Roma” with Artichokes

    Experience the delicious taste of Italy with this ready-to-cook one-pot risotto with artichokes. Made in Italy with all natural ingredients, the convenience of this meal is unmatched!

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