Chile Favolosa

Chile Favolosa


Our highest phenol olive oil in the collection, this early harvest Favolosa has a beautiful, grassy bouquet and is intensely aromatic. Pleasant bitterness compliments this complex, but balanced oil which has notes of dry grass, green olive, and a high fruitiness score – An excellent example of the Italian Variety.

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    Our peppery Favolosa displays aromas of unripe pear and sweet cut grass. Flavor notes include savory arugula and creamy artichoke.


    Crush Date: May 2022


    Chemistry at the time of harvest:


    Polyphenols: 416.6

    FFA: .16

    Oleic Acid: 76.6

    Peroxide: 2.56

    DAGs: 96.75


    Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:


    Fruitiness: 4.5

    Bitterness: 4.5

    Pungency: 5.0

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