Donne Del Grano Monnezzaglia


Donne Del Grano Monnezzagliaare hand made natural colored Italian Pasta from Marella. A beautifully interesting mix!

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Beautiful and tasty pasta from Italy will surprise your guests!! Flavored and colored with vegetables, this pasta will delight your pasta lovers!! Drizzle your favorite olive oil into your cooked pasta and flavor with fresh herbs for an authentic Italian pasta dinner! 500 grams


  • Product of Italy


    Handmade with centuries old technique

    No artificial colors

    Comes in 17.6oz bag


Organic durum wheat semolina, natural aroma (spinach flour, beetroot powder, turmeric powder, paprika, spirulina algae )

*Contains: wheat, produced in a facility that used eggs, shellfish and fish.

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Weight 1 lbs