Donne Del Grano Organic Linguine Mare Pasta


This beautiful colored Linguine Mare (Little Tongues of the Sea) pasta from Donne Del Grano, is made from premium durham wheat. The amazing colors all come from natural ingredients: spinach green, squid ink black, golden turmeric, red paprika and beets that all combine to create a fantastic rainbow array of colors. Cooks in 6-9 minutes to achieve optimum flavor and aroma. Serves 4.

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Linguine Mare pasta is one of the best picks when it comes to party dishes. There is a new variation that has a colorful strand which quickly catches people’s attention. It may not just be great for the eyes, but also a great pasta for every specialty sauces. This special pasta already has its tasty flavor that adds to your preferred dish. Linguine mare pasta is healthy for its all-natural ingredients and no preservatives has been added to it. With the pasta’s rough texture, it makes sure that the sauce will be coated on each pasta strand, and not end up at the bottom of the plate. 


Donne Del Grano pasta is produced the same way it has been made for hundreds of years in Italy. The process used to extrude this pasta gives it a fascinating shape and rough structure that will hold sauce like no other pasta. The pasta retains its shape and makes for an extremely attractive pasta dish to which your favorite sauce may be added.

This impressive cut is not just a great tasting artisan pasta, but also a decoration in itself. Excellent when served with ricotta cheese and meat, tomato, butter or cream sauces.


Ingredients: organic durum WHEAT semolina, spinach flour, beetroot powder, turmeric powder, paprika and Squid Ink.


May contain traces of eggs and soybeans.


Cooking time: 9 minutes


Directions: Cook 100g of pasta in one liter of water.


Store in a cool, dry place. 


Product of Italy. Handmade pasta. All natural ingredients. USDA Organic. Bio certified.

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