Donne Del Grano Organic Rainbow Bowties Pasta


This beautiful colored Faralline Aracobaleno (Rainbow Bowties) pasta from Donne Del Grano, is made from premium durham wheat. The amazing colors all come from natural ingredients: green spinach, golden turmeric, red paprika and beets that all combine to create a fantastic rainbow array of colors. Cooks in 15 minutes to achieve optimum flavor and aroma. Serves 4.

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This cute and one of a kind pasta is handmade in Italy by pasta makers the same way it has been made for hundreds of years. The process used to extrude this pasta gives it a fascinating shape and rough structure that will hold sauce like no other pasta. The pasta retains its shape and makes for an extremely attractive pasta dish to which your favorite sauce may be added.

Its ingredients and color are made from natural ingredients making it an ideal pasta for the health conscious, as well as for the kids and adults who simply want to eat healthy food. This type of pasta is made with great care and has a high quality which is evident during its cooking process as it is able to maintain its original shape and color. The pasta is a perfect dish for a children’s party or for a simple fun get together. 


Ingredients: organic durum WHEAT semolina, Natural Aroma (Spinach Flour, Beetroot Powder, Turmeric Powder, Paprika)


Contains WHEAT. Produced in a facility that used eggs, shellfish and fish. 


Cooking time: 10 minutes


Directions: Cook 100g of pasta in one liter of water.


Store in a cool, dry place. 


Product of Italy. Handmade pasta. All natural ingredients. USDA Organic. Bio certified.

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