Donne Del Grano Organic Zebra Bowtie Pasta


Donne del Grano’s Farfalle Magia Bianca (Black and White Zebra Bowties) are uniquely attractive artisanal pasta. Cooks in 7 minutes. Produced by Donne Del Grano by hand by the women of Puglia, Italy. Serves 4. Maintains color and structure while cooking.

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This pasta is delicious and retains its shape, making for an attractive pasta dish to which your favorite sauce may be added. The black is created by adding natural squid ink to the pasta in a special process. This is a feat that is not simple to perform, and still have the pasta hold its shape and not come undone while cooking. The pasta is made from natural ingredients and premium durum wheat, the old traditional way with centuries old traditions. The bronze dye used to extrude this pasta gives it a fascinating rough texture that will hold sauce in like no other pasta. 


These pastas are made by a family that operates one of the finest pasta factories in the world located in Puglia, one of the most important regions in Italy for pasta production and consumption. The pasta is produced the same way it has been made for hundreds of years in Italy. The process used to extrude this pasta gives it a fascinating shape and rough structure that will hold sauce like no other pasta. 

Excellent when served with ricotta cheese and meat, tomato, butter or cream sauces.


Ingredients: organic durum WHEAT semolina, Squid Ink. May contain traces of eggs and soybeans.

Cooking time: 7-8 min to achieve optimum flavor and aroma

Directions: Cook 100g of pasta in one liter of water.


Store in cool, dry place. 


Product of Italy. Handmade pasta. All natural ingredients. USDA Organic. Bio certified.

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