Portuguese Lentrisca (Robust)

Portuguese Lentrisca (Robust)


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    Logging total phenol content of 696ppm, this antioxidant powerhouse is loaded with a whopping 177ppm healthful Oleocanthal which lends this oil its powerful pepperiness, delayed astringency and spicy mouth feel. It is complex and layered with a sweet, creamy almond center.


    Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

    ** Fruitiness: 4.5 Bitterness: 4.0 Pungency: 5.0



    ** Biophenols: 696.6 ppm

    ** Squalene: 9,203.3

    ** A-Tocopherols: 250.4

    ** Oleic Acid: 74.4 FFA: 0.18

    ** Peroxide: 8.4 DAGs: 96.3

    ** PPP: <1.0


    Crush Date: Nov 2021


    Country of Origin: Portugal

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