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  • Rustic Olive Wood Dipping Bowls

    These stunning olive wood natural bowls are perfect for serving olives, nuts, crisps, or for storing jewelry or keys in! These have a rustic design and are handmade, so each bowl will vary in shape, size and grain pattern.

  • Sample 4 Pack (Beverage)

    This 4 pack of white balsamic vinegars features our 4 top selling white balsamic vinegars. This is an ideal gift for someone when you’re just not sure what they’ll enjoy!

  • Sample 4 Pack (Top Sellers)

    Looking to introduce a friend or family member to delicious olive oil and balsamic vinegar? This gift pack is a perfect gift as it contains our top 4 best selling oils and vinegars, and it is sure to impress!

  • Sample 6 Pack (Top Sellers)

    At a loss of which oils and vinegars to gift someone? This is the ideal gift to use as an introduction to our products! This gift pack contains our top 6 best sellers: 3 premium flavored oils and 3 premium flavored balsamic vinegars!

  • Seasonello Bologna Aromatic Herbal Salts

    Our aromatic, herbal salt is flavored with rosemary, garlic, sage and pepper. This salt is a great way to enrich your food with less sodium and more flavor.

  • Seasonello Fine Iodized Sea Salt

    This delicious, fine iodized sea salt from the island of Sardegna, Italy, is a great addition to any of your dishes that need added flavor of salt. This product is gluten free.

  • Sicilian Cous Cous with Vegetables

    This Italian one-pot Sicilian Cous Cous with Vegetables is a ready to cook meal that has all the necessary ingredients included in the package. This delicious meal is meant to be cooked in one-pot and in 3 easy steps! It is a convenient meal and a great option for busy families who want to enjoy a nutritious, delicious, authentic Italian meal without spending too much time in the kitchen.

  • Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic

  • Small Gift Set

    The Coronado Taste of Oils Pantry Gift Set is the the perfect package for the one who “has it all”.

  • Spicy Calabrian Pesto Olive Oil

  • Spicy Pennette Arrabbiata

    Spicy Pennette Arrabbiata is a delicious Italian pasta dish that’s ready to cook in 3 easy steps! This is a spicy dish of penne pasta tossed with a tomato sauce and fiery spices. All the ingredients are 100% natural, and included in the package so cooking is quick and easy!

  • Coronado Taste of Oils Starter Gift Set

    Starter Gift Set

    The Coronado Taste of Oils Starter Gift Set is a great introduction infused oils set for a cooking fan!

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