Delizia Pitted Queen Olives “La Abuela” Recipe


These queen sized pitted olives are marinated with a mix of julienne-cut Spanish onions, savory herbs, and chunks of sweet Spanish garlic.

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A classic Spanish pickled mix known as “Banderillas Picante.” This delicious jar of olives includes small Spanish pearl onions, firm and meaty Manzanilla olives, spicy red piri-piri chili peppers, medium-hot green piri-piri chili peppers, and small crunchy gherkin pickles.


Serve as hors d’ouvres or skewer on tooth picks as a traditional Spanish tapas dish.

These olives are handpicked and cured using a third-generation producer’s family recipe for low salt brines. The process results in olives that are not only lower in salt content, but also naturally crunchy with a meaty texture.

Ingredients: Water, pitted green olives, gherkin, onions, red pepper, chili pepper, salt, acidulant (citric acid), conservant
(potassium sorbate).

May contain pit or pit fragments.

Refrigerate after opening.

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Weight 1.25 lbs